The Orwell papers and the LEADERS project at University College London.

BookMARC was selected by the School of Library, Archives and Information Science at University College London to implement a generic toolset that enables the creation of an online environment which integrates EAD finding aids and EAC authority records with TEI transcripts and digitised images of archival material suitable to a wide variety of archives. The LEADERS Toolkit was developed with the aid of a grant from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Board.

The LEADERS toolkit is currently available through Sourceforge at and BookMARC offers a set of support and consultancy services for the LEADERS community.

BookMARC's support for the LEADERS' community

Access to the LEADERS Toolkit and Client applications
The LEADERS Toolkit home is located at LEADERS Home Page
The LEADERS Toollkit's binaries, source files, mailing lists, and bug databases are available at LEADERS Project Page


  • Ready to run: servlet container required - e.g. the free Apache Tomcat
  • A sample archive is provided for initial tests
  • Single parameter setup: the directory with the local archive files

Source code

  • CVS (Concurrent Versions System) allows for local copies of source code to be automatically updated
  • Email notification of changes
  • Look and feel are customizable through stylesheets

Basic services

  • BookMARC will support a set of basic services through Sourceforge
  • Open source license
  • Technical documentation
  • Mailing lists moderated by BookMARC
  • Source code, binaries, sample archive

Extended services

  • BookMARC will provide optional extended services for technical experts and content providers
    • Technical experts want to have detailed knowledge of the architecture of the system and the ability to modify aspects of it
    • Content providers want to use the system to make their own content available
  • Services include email based technical support, analysis of specific content and requirements, reproduction of environment

Training, consultancy, hosting

In adition to extended support services BookMARC can provide:
  • On site training for technical experts and content providers
  • Global consultancy services: analysis, specification and installation of LEADERS solutions
  • Hosting of LEADERS applications
If you want more information on LEADERS email to
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