The UNIMARC and MARC21 manual in XML: automating validation, explanation and help systems for bibliographic records.

In 2004 BookMARC created a prototype of a XML version of the UNIMARC manual along with software tools that used it for validation and explanation purposes. This project was commissioned by ILFA's UNIMARC program, currently located at the National Library of Lisbon, Portugal. The purpose of this work is to provide the UNIMARC community with a formal representation of UNIMARC rules and associated vocabularies. The resulting product has wide application in validation routines and the construction of help systems for cataloguing modules. A presentation is available in pdf format here.

The package that comprehends the prototype XML that can express the semantic rules of MARC records comprises the following materials:
  1. Prototype schema - found at src/schemas folder
  2. Manual - found at doc folder (with notes on the prototype and testing environment and on the XML manual format)
  3. Sample subset of the UNIMARC manual - located at src/xml/manual folder
  4. Sample set of stylesheets - found at src\xml\stylesheets folder (includes a HTML generator and a validator)
  5. Testing environment - provided, for Java environments, in Windows or UNIX-like platforms, in the bin folder
The complete package is compressed in a ZIP archive. It can be downloaded and expanded locally in order to reproduce a development and testing environment.

For a similar package for MARC21 see

The TVS page provides examples of XML schema for the transport and validation of MARC records and examples of source code to consume bibliographic web services provided by BookMARC.

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